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HANG TIME NEW JERSEY —Rajon Rondo‘s assist streak is over, not because his teammates couldn’t make shots, but because he couldn’t control his emotions.

Longest double-digit assist streaks, NBA history
Player Year(s) Games
Magic Johnson 1983-84 46
Rajon Rondo 2012 37
John Stockton 1989 37
John Stockton 1992 29

With the Brooklyn Nets leading the Boston Celtics 51-35 near the end of the first half in Boston on Wednesday night, the Nets’ Kris Humphries fouled Kevin Garnett and then hit Garnett in the face after the whistle.

Rondo took exception to the hit (and maybe to getting swatted by Humphries earlier in the game) and shoved Humphries under the basket. And he kept shoving Humphries into the crowd as other players tried to separate the two.

The result was ejections for both Rondo and Humphries, as well as technical fouls on both Garnett and the Nets’

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DALLAS — As a giddy new father, Elton Brand returns to Philadelphia Tuesday night excited to be able to hold his baby daughter. As a struggling newcomer to the Dallas Mavericks, he’s coming back to Philly looking to gain a firm hold on this awkward start to the season.

The 76ers amnestied Brand and his final-year, $18.2 million salary. The Mavs eagerly scooped him up for just $2.1 million of his total cost. So far, he’s been barely worth that much.

Brand, 33, is averaging dramatic career lows: 5.5 points on 34.2 percent shooting, 5.8 rebounds and 22.0 minutes a game. His sagging defensive rating (106.3, according to is nearly four points worse than a slumping offensive rating ravaged by a mid-range jumper that has all but abandoned him.

Brand’s dropoff says a lot about where the erratic, made-over Mavs stand today. At 7-7 and with the so-called “easy”…

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For the second consecutive night, Pau Gasol sat the entire fourth quarter. This time the Los Angeles Lakers power forward was good with it as “Showtime” finally made an eagerly awaited appearance at the expense of the flat-footed Dallas Mavericks.

“Obviously, that’s exactly the situation you want to find yourself in when the game is put away and the starters can rest in the fourth,” Gasol said after the Lakers’ 115-89 Saturday night demolition in a game that was never remotely competitive. “That’s the ideal, and the right way when you want to rest in the fourth.”

The wrong way is apparently being benched in a big game and then to have your new coach, on the bench for all of three games, say he did it to give the team a chance to win. That’s exactly the explanation Mike D’Antoni gave for sitting Gasol late…

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If Phil Jackson heeds the “We want Phil!” chants dropped like an anvil by the Staples Center crowd Friday night, the Zen Master will follow again in the footsteps of that other multi-title-winning Lakers coach — Pat Riley.

Rewind to the 2005-06 season. Riley’s return to the Miami Heat bench 21 games in doesn’t mirror the current circumstance that has fallen into Phil’s lap, but it’s not all that dissimilar either.

No, Jackson isn’t the president of the Lakers organization as Riley was and remains with the Heat when the then-60-year-old Riley horse-collared Stan Van Gundy into resigning nine days before Christmas.

Still, Jackson’s aura eternally twinkles above the Lakers franchise like a magical puff of — oh, you get the picture. Seven years ago Riley couldn’t resist the urge to return to the bench and coach a team he built not only…

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HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — A small fracture to his left leg will force us to admire more of Steve Nash‘s colorful wardrobe than is necessary. But with the Los Angeles Lakers announcing that there will be no rush on Nash’s return (which makes their timetable of him missing for a week seem a bit sketchy), we’ll spend the next few games familiarizing ourselves with Steve Blake and Darius Morris.

With those two backups playing the bulk of the minutes at point guard, the Lakers’ already questionable depth will be tested ever more. For a team that doesn’t need any more hurdles to clear to start the season, this might be the one that gives us the best gauge of their championship timber.

Surviving the preseason with both Dwight Howard (recovering from back surgery) and Kobe Bryant (nursing a sore foot) at less than full strength is…

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The Voice ~ John McLaughlin

Jazz, Fusion and Indian Music influence on John Mclaughlin. Brilliant musician and music explorer.

Sony Releases New Stupid Piece Of Shit That Doesn’t Fucking Work

This is by far the funniest video I have ever seen !



Birds Of Fire – John McLaughlin & The Mahavishnu Orchestra



John McLaughlin – Guitar
Rick Laird – Bass
Billy Cobham – Percussion
Jan Hammer – Keyboard, Moog Synthesizer
Jerry Goodman – Violin
Ken Scott – Engineer

George Coleman & Ahmed Jamal – My Foolish Heart

Wingsuit Flying – So Amazing !

SPLIT OF A SECOND – A film about wingsuit flying

Wingsuit World Champion Espen Fadnes and Project Managers Goovinn team up again for “SPLIT OF A SECOND” after last year’s film “SENSE OF FLYING”, this time for an up close, personal look at Espen’s thoughts and motives behind flying and some never-before-seen footage of human flight.