Such a beautiful piece about Jazz and the REAL future of it.

Steep Stairs Review

Address to the Juilliard Winter Jazz School at Trinity College

By Richard Finch

As someone who likes to haunt the jazz clubs of Melbourne I frequently receive emails telling me who is performing where, on which night.  A recent email from Megg Evans, the manager of Bennetts Lane contained a joke which went something like this:

A man told his friend that he had just read a science fiction novel which was set five hundred years in the future

 His friend asked him:  how did it portray the jazz scene in the year 2500 A.D?

 To which his friend replied: there wasn’t any jazz in the novel

 Why was that, asked his friend?

 Because – said the man – it was set in the future.

I laughed at the joke, but it also made me feel a little sad, a little unnerved.   Jokes sometimes harbour truths…

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