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Two Thirds Done

This is an amazing graph from GigaOm (see story here).  As readers of my blog  know, I played a very significant role in creating residential broadband starting in 1992 and continuing until 1999, when I resigned my position at Intel as Corp. Vice President of Business Development. While I was sure then that the Internet would change everything, I could not have predicted these results.  Apple was still struggling after Steve Jobs’ return and had a market capitalization of just eight billion dollars.  Amazon had a market cap that was more than twice as high but was basically a book seller.  Google had just eight employees and was based in a garage. Microsoft’s market capitalization was about 270 billion. It had the highest market capitalization in the world, a position now occupied by Apple.  By the way, Intel’s was about 150 billion.  Both of these companies have about the…

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