The Death of the Reporter’s Profession.

As we evolve and develop over the years, some professions disappear and new ones are replacing them. The turntables were replaced by CDs that are being replaced by digital cloud streaming. The neighborhood milk man was replaced by the neighborhood small shop that was replaced by big supermarkets.

Just in the same way, we are now witnessing the newspapers changing into a digital media and with it the death of newspapers as we know them.

Well, the format is changing, does it affect the profession of a reporter ?
What is a reporter ? well, the job of a reporter, in essence, is to gather information and write news stories. The newspaper is the reporter’s platform for publishing his/hers writings.
In that sense, in today’s world, where everyone tweets, blogs, Facebook, everybody write stories from events around the world. Go to a Madonna concert, everybody report live from the event. You get reviews, live photos and even  live videos. The same goes for sport events, and any other news for that matter.

Gone are the times where one would need to wait for tomorrow’s newspaper to read about it. Even the value of a newspaper website is irrelevant today. Why would anyone read one person’s opinion when one can gather live reviews from so many people ?


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